So, I finally tired of running up and down the stair that leads to my 3D printer. First I had to load the SD card and start he printer. Back down again about 10 minutes later to make sure the first layers had gone down. Some random checks. Making sure my head doesn’t hit the door frame (old house). Finally going down to get the finished print. Nope, it was just at 96%. Waiting around for the last layers. Colleting the print and examin it on the way up. Forgot the SD card. Going down again to get it.

I thank my family for their patience. But, no more. I installed octopi on my old Raspberry pi (version 1B). It worked out of the box. So I got a camera module. And now I can just sit in the sofa and track the print.

A raspberry pi is quite cheap. The camera module is about as cheap.

Octopi (a bundle that includes linux for raspberry pi + octoprint) is free:


This is how it looks:

I am printing stuff for my next kickstarter.

Were do you go for 3D models?

I’m thinking about where I upload my models. Right now it is thingiverse for the free stuff. I usually get lots of likes and downloads there. But the For the paid stuff I use CGTrader. It’s a shop. It works, simple as that. Could it work better? Sure.

So I would like to know your favourite site for printable files. The form below opens in a new tab. It is a simple google form.


Sci-fi fortress released

I just now released the sci-fi fortress that goes with the sci-fi armored barracks on my shop.

Link to shop:

Link to manual:

Link to free subset (one wall and one roof) on thingiverse:

It is of course modular. Some pictures:

I want this!

Yet again I saw a kickstarter for a 3D printer that claims to be a revolution. This one is. It prints on a rolling belt. So finished parts will simply roll of the belt once they are finished. As I understand it, prints can be very very long. A stabilizing table are supplied. The piece will roll onto it while it is printing. Imaging printing a 2m long fortress wall (yes, 2 meters).

The Z-axis (up-down) are slanted. You will understand when you see it. This makes this printer excel at printing overhang. As long as they are protruding towards the printer head. The layers will be diagonal.

Unfortunately it is patent pending. So we will not see open source belt printers for a while (I think).


Viking village review

Greg Genung has once again reviewed me, this time it is the viking village from my kickstarter. Go check it out!

If you backed my kickstarter and am thinking about getting a printer, this is a great way to see how it turns out printed. If you think about getting my models, this is a great demonstration. It’s quite a lot of files and combinations, not everything is covered.

Greg does lots of reviews of 3D printed terrain. I would say that his channel is the best resource out there. Subscribing to his channel is a nobrainer if you like this stuff.